24th November 2017

155 Bishopsgate, London


Why you should have a presence at The VCT & EIS Investor Forum

Private client advisory businesses

If you want the perfect opportunity to engage with private investors, Venture Capital Fund managers and/or entrepreneurial businesses, you need to have a high profile at The VCT & EIS Investor Forum.

Levels of interest in tax efficient investing have never been higher thanks to the UK Government's generous tax breaks.  As the market matures, investors are realising that EIS and VCT investing is no longer about "going to the races". There are serious investment decisions to make.  Wouldn't you want to be part of their decision-making process?

Corporate client businesses

If your marketing challenge is to meet the people who matter in the UK Venture Capital market, this is the perfect opportunity to achieve it in JUST ONE DAY.

Whether you are looking to sell a service or a product into the UK Venture Capital market, you will find The VCT & EIS Investor Forum an ideal place to build sales and marketing contacts.

Becoming a Sponsor

Obtain surperb value and benefits by exhibiting, or becoming a sponsor of The VCT & EIS Investor Forum. We have various packages available to suit every budget.

For more information about these packages and getting involved in the event, contact Modwenna Rees-Mogg on 020 7720 1102 or email modwenna@angelnews.co.uk.

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