24th November 2017

155 Bishopsgate, London

IFAs & Wealth Mangers

We are in the most favourable tax regime for venture capital investing by private investors in history and with more funds to choose from than ever before, it is important to understand the range of VCT and EIS opportunities on offer to your clients.

This year's VCT & EIS Investor Forum will feature all of the leading fund managers including some of the most experienced managers with long proven track records, as well as those leading the way in the development of new, innovative investment models.

In the audience will be High Net Worth Investors who are already investing, or intending to invest, in VCT and EIS funds.

By attending the VCT & EIS Investor Forum you will gain a greater understanding of which funds are suitable for your different clients, ranging from those suitable for investors with a lower risk appetite through to those who are less risk averse. 

Gain Insight not just performance information, but also insight into the rationale behind the different strategies of VCT and EIS funds.

Join private investors and your peers in the financial adviser and wealth management community to discuss and debate the big issues around investing in these asset classes.

Compare and contrast the major VCT and EIS funds in one day and under one roof - saving you time in assessing the options and funds available.

Meet the fund managers who actually invest your money. Hear them speak and take your questions from the floor - giving you an opporutnity to engage directly to learn more about their investment process, portfolio and performance.

Develop a more accurate picture to help you make systematic, objective investment judgments for your clients.

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