24th November 2017

155 Bishopsgate, London

Private Investors

At the VCT & EIS Investor Forum you will have the opportunity to meet many of the leading VCT & EIS fund managers all in one place.

Investing in alternative assets such as VCTs and EIS funds is no longer just about selecting from prospectuses that land on your doormat. It is essential for investors to carry out their own research, and that includes challenging fund managers in person and finding out how they are going to deliver positive financial returns for you. No tax break makes up for losing your capital by backing the wrong fund manager!

The award-winning VCT & EIS Investor Forum is a must-attend event for private investors. Whether you are an experienced investor, or new to the investment scene, the topics being discussed in this year's agenda and the variety of funds presenting at the event, will inform the important investment decisions you make this season.

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